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If you found my homepage by searching for the German translation of a well known English word, what a shame. This is my real family name, which I have to use for business by law. This >>> link is especially for you to go on, hope you are not too disappointed.

The homepage is from the Internet archives. I keep it as a historical example of design and programming, having made a small change in 1999.

In this millennium I am using my artist name Wolfgang F. Lightmaster. This homepage was updated till 1999. For newer information since 2000 go to   www.lightmaster.de

Wolfgang Ficker I like to provide stories as contemporary witness:
"30 years show- and tourbusiness in Germany - The 1970s, 80s und 90s from gig to gig - Adventures and experiences of a Hippie with the stars on tour!" or "How does success work?!"
The story of a permanently successful "startup" without any investor from the "Höhle der Löwen" ;-)

I provide my services since 1976 as free-lancer for shows, events, theater, concerts and provide support for events and tour productions the following functions:

Sound and light technical planning, organisation

Sound-master-mixer    Light-master-mixer


Stage planning and general concepts

Technical director

Professional, secure approach with more then 30 years experience with a >99% success rate.

Responsibility for the realisation of over three thousand concerts and shows / events including 12 tours in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, 6 tours in U.S.A., Canada, South Africa, Namibia and 600 theater-performances on tour.
For more details go to References.

1st German Tour Augsburger Puppenkiste 1998/99 - First night at Essen  1st German Tour Augsburger Puppenkiste 1998/99 - The stage in funktion  1st German Tour Augsburger Puppenkiste 1998/99 - Augsburger PuppenkistenMobil

Princess Hannelore of Auersperg and Wolfgang Ficker          Heino, the most famous German singer and Wolfgang Ficker          Wolfgang Ficker (l) und Udo Jürgens (r), a European mega-star         Margot Hellwig, a German mega-star of Volksmusik and Wolfgang Ficker

Stars like the professional perfection and the special performance
...and what can I do for you? Contact me!

Wolfgang Ficker - Sound & Light - www.wolfgangficker.de

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